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There are a variety of online education websites to help individuals learn a new subject, language, or help keep their minds sharp. I came across a very useful website, Quizlet, the largest study site in the United States, providing learning tools and games to over 7 million students and educators each month!

Here are some cool features of Quizlet:

– It’s FREE

– Individuals can study anything. Either by using existing quizzes, searching the subject area or creating their own material.

– Flashcards

– Progress Trackers

– Tests

– Scatter–matching words to definitions

– Study with friends: Join your classroom, use in the classroom for exercies, and share your scores with others

– Browse by subject: Languages/Vocabulary, Standardized Tests, Math/Science, History/Geography, Arts/Literature, Professional/Career

How Teachers can use Quizlet: 

– Choose area of focus

– Create interactive games/activities for the classroom

– Use differentiated learning– setting the pace for each student

– Use animated flashcards that students can view in class and at home

– Create study guides/quizzes that are available anytime/anywhere (in school, at home, on the computer/other devices)

– Encourage students to study and learn on their own by creating their own flashcards and quizzes, as well as interact with other students from their class.

This website allows individuals to exhibit memory of previously learned materials by using flashcards/quizzes to recall facts, terms and basic concepts learned in class. It also allows individuals to comprehend material/ ideas by organizing and comparing facts/concepts in ways that allow them to digest and learn the material. This website also allows them to evaluate and track their progress. Showing them what they need work on.

(Cognitive Domain: Knowledge, Comprehension, Evaluation)

This is a very useful tool for both teachers and students.



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