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The TeacherCast Podcast is a podcast for Teachers to help other Teachers. It is a Roundtable style show featuring educators, and administrators discussing educational technology in their classrooms and schools. Jeff Bradbury is the creator of the podcast. One of the podcast’s I listened to is #55 “BYOTChat”. This podcast discusses how schools can incorporate a BYOT (Bring Your Own Technology) atmosphere into classrooms safely. In this podcast, four educators join Jeff in the BYOT discussion:


– Jeremy Angoff: Director of Academic Technology at OunceIT, LLC, a small start-up consulting firm that specializes in technology for academia.


– Steve Hayes: Director of Bands for the Roanoke-Benson School District.


-James DiGloia: Social Media Coordinator at Time To Know, an education technology company leading the knowledge revolution in the classroom.


– Nathan Stevens: Assistant Director of the College of Education Media Center at North Carolina State University.

I found this particular podcast to be very helpful. The school I work at has a BYOT day, but it is very limited. Here are some tips and topics that I found to be both helpful and interesting:

Steve (Band Teacher) stated BYOT is a tool that can be used in small group lessons. I- pads are used to listen to recordings and used to hear what needs to be fixed. Students also use technology to tune instruments. I think that many schools limit the use of technology in certain subjects. Technology can be very useful in music and art classes.

There is a lot of dispute over the idea of BYOT because of the safety of the students/control over what they view online, as well as classroom management. Teachers need to remember they are in charge. Teachers should be able to control students and make sure they are using technology in the correct manner.

Jeremy stated: leave it up to your students and leave it up to the teachers to decide what tool/device they are using; I pad, I phone, I pad, tablets, computers, etc.

The only time technology can be a distraction, if you don’t use proper classroom management.

Both students and teachers learn. Students can teach teachers new tricks; teachers don’t have to be tech experts. They can rely on the students using the devices to help each other if there are problems. I think a lot of teachers disregard the idea of BYOT because they aren’t updated with new technology. There’s no better way to learn about technology than being hand’s on.

In this podcast they talk about what schools need to check into before incorporating BYOT. What schools need for a BYOT environment:

  • Strong reliable, secure network (no filters on internet).
  • Can network sustain the amount of use (5,000+ devices)?
  • Acceptable Use Policy

As I mentioned earlier, the school I work at has a BYOT day, however it is very limited. After listening to this podcast, I realized why it is so limited. The school does not have a wireless connection. It is also a private school, so all of the computers in the school have filters for the Internet. I also think that classroom management is a huge reason why BYOT isn’t done more. Teachers and administration are concerned with what students will be viewing on their devices. I think that BYOT is something that every school should begin incorporating into their classrooms.

Here is the link to The TeacherCast Podcast:


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