Real Simple Syndication

Real Simple Syndication (RSS) is a useful tool in the world of Weblogs. RSS collects feed from multiple blogs and puts the feed in one location. This allows individuals that follow multiple blogs to check the feeds they follow in one location, instead of going to each individual Weblog to check updates. RSS is convenient and easy.

RSS is beneficial to me because it allows me to check updated feed(s) in one easy step. I am less likely to check all my Weblogs on a daily basis because it requires a lot of time going from blog to blog to check updated feeds. With RSS all I have to do is log onto one site and it aggregates all my weblogs into one place. It shows all updated feeds and comments. Without RSS I wouldn’t check the blogs I follow as much, which means that I might miss out on learning new things. What’s the point in following Weblogs if you never read them?

The RSS feed reader I use is

This Web-based service is very user friendly. The layout is simple and it is easy to navigate around the site. allows you to follow feeds you are already subscribed to and it also has a listing of popular subscriptions that you can browse through.


Here are some Blogs that I follow:

Lauren Faine @

Deanna Allen @ 

Amanda Schutz @ 

Travis Wise @

Kaylan Griffith @ 

Alvin Trusty @


**Most of the Weblogs I follow are related to early childhood education, however there are a couple that I follow because I am interested in learning more about their area of licensure. 


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